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Liquidations & Auctions

Ryan Machine Co. has helped manufacturers across the World sell, Auction or liquated equipment and/or entire plants. If your company needs to down size, restructure, close an operation, or needs an orderly liquidation of assets, let Ryan Machinery be your best choice to turn surplus equipment into capital.

With Auctions, We Can Offer the Following:

  • Cash Purchase - We buy all the assets immediately and assume all the risk of the sale.
  • Guaranteed Sale Amount - We guarantee you a dollar figure, everything above and beyond that is split according to previously agreed upon percentages. This option allows an upside for the seller.
  • Commission Sale - We hold the auction and charge a commission on the sale of the assets. This option provides the seller with all the upside but all the risk as well.

With Liquidations, We Can Offer the Following:

  • Appraisals - Appraisal of what your assets are worth with a set sales price and commission structure
  • Market Analysis - we will provide a complete market analysis that will take into account the current marketplace for particular asset at the time of the sale as well as the various needs and obligations of the company to create a sales strategy which will bring the highest price for the assets to be sold.